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Property Refurbishments in Sevenoaks | Your Questions Answered

At CKH Build Ltd, we know that the world of property refurbishments can be a bit of a minefield for our Sevenoaks customers. Thankfully, our team of builders is always on hand to answer any questions they might have. This page answers questions on property refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions, some of which were originally asked by previously satisfied clients from the Sevenoaks area.


If you have a question to ask us which isn’t included on this page, please call us today. Our builders will usually be able to answer your query over the telephone.

What makes property refurbishments and property renovations different?

Property refurbishments restore homes in the Sevenoaks area to good condition through general repair, maintenance and decorative work. Property

renovations are much more extensive, and many features of a property are removed, changed or replaced completely. Renovations often see changes in the property structure, although this isn’t always the case.


Don’t worry if you have work that needs doing and you’re not sure which service you should be asking for; the builders on our team will be able to point you in the right direction.

Will I need planning permission for home extensions?

This depends on the type of work being undertaken at your Sevenoaks property. If you are considering single or double-storey room additions, these home extensions will nearly always need planning permission. Other room additions, such as loft and garage conversions, won’t require permission unless changes to the property structure are made.


In all cases where planning permission for home extensions is required, we can make the necessary application to the local authority for Sevenoaks on your behalf.

Can I have complete confidence in your workmanship?

While there are still unscrupulous traders out there, our industry is more tightly regulated than ever before. The overwhelming majority of builders covering Sevenoaks are legitimate tradesmen and will be able to show you examples of previous property refurbishments and property renovations. Most builders will also have customer testimonials.


Good builders will have some sort of trade accreditation, and will have no issues with building inspectors checking their work. Major building

work in Sevenoaks, such as home extensions, will need to be inspected and signed off by Building Control.

Do you ever use external subcontractors to complete your work?

No. We prefer to maintain full control over property refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions. This is why we hire our personnel from multiple trades. CKH Build Ltd isn’t just a company of builders. We can supply customers in Sevenoaks with a carpenter, a joiner and even a roofer. Our company has all of your building and property maintenance needs covered, and we’d never jeopardise our reputation by using other tradesmen.


We deliver a complete in-house project management service as a fully insured company which

unconditionally guarantees its workmanship and all materials used.

Call CKH Build Ltd on 01883 338353 to discuss property refurbishments, property renovations and home extensions in the Sevenoaks area.