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Fully-Managed Property Renovations in Oxted

At CKH Build Ltd, our builders have started talks over property renovations and property refurbishments with homeowners from Oxted who haven’t realised that these two services can be very different. While home extensions and loft conversions are reasonably self-explanatory, property renovations and refurbishments have to be differentiated.


Good builders won’t mind taking the time to explain what’s best for your Oxted property. Below, we explain some of the differences between property renovations and property refurbishments. An insight into home extensions is also provided for your perusal.

Property Renovations

Property renovations tend to be more complex than a refurbishment, and may sometimes require changes in the structure of your Oxted home. Defective items, features and areas often need to be replaced completely. While home extensions and conversions can tie in with renovations, most of the projects we undertake focus on the main part of the property.

Property Refurbishments

With property refurbishments in Oxted, our builders are more likely to repair dilapidated features and areas instead of providing a full replacement. Most projects will involve maintenance, restoration and decorative work, and the ultimate objective of property refurbishments is to restore the good condition and original appearance of a home.

Home Extensions in Oxted from CHK Build Ltd


Home extensions are best described as the addition of room space to properties, and the majority of projects undertaken in Oxted require extensive building work. In most cases, these are single-storey home extensions where part of the external property space is sacrificed to build the addition. Our builders can also undertake double or multiple-storey extensions. Single, double and multiple-storey additions will require planning permission.


Loft conversions and garage conversions, by the very fact that they create additional room space for Oxted properties, are also classed as home extensions. Most conversions will require no structural changes and this means our builders won’t need to apply for planning permission with your local authority. CKH Build Ltd are here to advise on all aspects of conversions and home extensions, anywhere in Oxted or the surrounding Surrey area.


  • We provide free initial site surveys for property renovations and refurbishments
  • All quotations include labour and material costs, and are totally obligation-free
  • Property refurbishments are undertaken by skilled builders, carpenters and joiners
  • CKH Build Ltd handle planning applications for home extensions on your behalf
  • Our company is based in Oxted but we cover a full 15-mile radius of our home town

Call CKH Build Ltd on 01883 338353 and discuss property renovations, property refurbishments and home extensions with time-served builders based in Oxted.