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Property Refurbishments and Property Renovations in Lingfield

If the thought of property renovations and property refurbishments immediately evoke a sense of trepidation, we know exactly why you feel the way you do. Having a team of builders working at your Lingfield property can be messy and disruptive if you choose the wrong company. By placing renovations, refurbishments and home extensions into the hands of CKH Build Ltd, you’ll never need to worry about stress, inconvenience and hassle!


We provide homeowners in Lingfield with complete packages, and our builders make property renovations and refurbishments a much more acceptable experience. From the design and planning to the final coat of paint, our tradesmen complete all property refurbishments and home extensions to defining trade and industry standards.

Reasons to Choose Us for Property Refurbishments in Lingfield

If you’re thinking about selling, or if you’re tired of an existing layout and want a brand new appearance for your Lingfield home, CKH Build Ltd can provide the experience and the manpower needed to make property refurbishments run seamlessly. We are project management professionals, and part of the appeal in using our services is that we always complete jobs within a specified timeframe without exceeding agreed budgets.


While property refurbishments sees features and areas of your Lingfield home repaired and redecorated, property renovations tend to be more extensive and our builders will often provide a full replacement of defective items and materials. We can discuss the differences between property refurbishments and property renovations in detail, ideally at your home when you first call us in for a free site survey and consultation.

Increased Living Space with Home Extensions from CKH Build Ltd

At CKH Build Ltd, we realise that some property owners in Lingfield won’t want to move out of the area (or a home) if they’ve become attached to it. Home extensions are a fantastic way of adding much-needed space to a property, and our expertise in project management ensures you’ll never need to worry about things such as planning permission. That’s because we make applications for home extensions to the local authority for Lingfield on your behalf.


Not all home extensions will need planning permission, and property refurbishments are much less likely to require any kind of approval in comparison to property renovations. Loft and garage conversions, which are home extensions in themselves because they create additional living space, will not require approval from the local authority for Lingfield as long as no structural changes are made while work is being carried out by our builders.

To discuss property renovations, property refurbishments and home extensions with reputable builders covering all of Lingfield, call CKH Build Ltd on 01883 338353.