Quality building extensions in Surrey, Sussex, and Kent

With the property market the way it is and no sign of any change on the horizon, it has become impractical to sell your home and upgrade to a larger property. Now when you need the space, be it for a growing family, or any other reason, your best bet is often to invest in one or more extensions to your existing house.

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What CKH Build can do for you

As the South East’s foremost building company, we have been building house extensions for the people of Surrey, Sussex, and Kent for years. Customers from Oxted, Westerham, Sevenoaks, Lingfield, Hurst Green, and beyond have benefited from our professional building services. Here are just a few of the ways we can help…

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Quality design

Whatever extensions you have in mind for your property, it all starts with a design. Following your initial consultation, during which we will put together a bespoke design that covers all of your requirements. Working alongside you every step of the way, these plans become the blueprint from which our dedicated team of builders will be able to make your ideal extension a reality.

Necessary paperwork

As anyone who has attempted house extensions in the past will be able to attest, any major developments to a property can be fraught with problems that have little to do with the construction work itself. Often it is more likely to centre around securing and completing the relevant permits and paperwork and filing them with the appropriate bodies. This can involve anything from planning permission to fire safety certification and is a potential minefield for anybody unused to it. Fortunately, here at CKH Build, we are as adept with the legalities of the building trade as we are with the physical part of the job, and are happy to handle this side of the project for you, ensuring everything is above board for your house extension.

High quality home extensions

When it gets down to the actual construction part of your house extension, we can be relied upon to deliver a high quality service that is unmatched by any other building companies in the area. Whether it’s a loft conversion or a new garage, a granny flat or a conservatory, we use only the best materials and our own team of dedicated and professional workmen to carry out the building work to the highest possible standards.

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Safety first

The safety of our customers is first and foremost in our minds, which is why all the house extensions we produce are constructed in line with all UK Building Regulations and Fire Safety Regulations.

Why choose CKH Build?

With thousands of satisfied and repeat customers to our name, we could list a whole range of reasons to choose our company when you are looking to build extensions to your property, but we’re aware that could take a while. Instead, here are some of the more common reasons our existing customers have told us why they went with CKH Build in the first place…

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Your local building company

Covering wide swathes of the South East from our main office in Oxted, we are proud of our local roots. From Hurst Green to Lingfield, from Sevenoaks to Westerham… in fact, anywhere across the whole of Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, we provide the best quality building extensions in the region.

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No extensions too big, no extensions too small

Whether your extension is the tiniest of elevated skylights, or the largest of granny flats, you will find the team here at CKH Build ready and raring to take it on. We deal with every job in the same highly skilled and professional manner that has made us a name to be trusted across the South East.

Over fifty years of experience

Our team of dedicated and professional builders have all been part of the building industry for years – over five decades between them. What they don’t know about building extensions probably isn’t worth knowing in the first place. This sort of expertise places us head and shoulders above other building firms in the South East, making us the logical choice for all your extension needs.

Get in touch

For all building extensions, large and small, no matter where you live in the Surrey, Sussex and Kent area, CKH Build is your one-stop building solution. So give the team a call today to speak to one of our friendly and professional staff about your building extension requirements, and find out just what we can do to help you. Call on 01883 338 353 for your unique, no-obligation quote.